Medical Transcription



Medical Transcription:

White Feather BPO and our sister concerns are jointly working on it. We do our QC from US office and regular job is done from Dhaka Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and we are located around 1 KM from International Airport.

Qualified Manpower for Medical Transcription service:

We are associated with Bangladesh’s biggest call center and Data Entry company to get skilled worker in this industry. They are committed to supply skilled and highly trained man power in Medical Transcription Industry. Some International organizations are funding Skilled Operator Training Course in Bangladesh. This will ease unemployment situation in Bangladesh. About 30000 young talents are being trained in several qualified training center.

Support form Bangladesh Government:

The objectives of the Leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Governance, Growth, and Employment Project are to catalyze the growth of Bangladesh’s IT and IT-Enabled Services (IT/ITES) industry for employment creation and export diversification; and establish basic e-government foundations to support public sector modernization. There are three components to the project. The first component is IT/ITES industry development. This component will increase the competitiveness of Bangladesh’s IT/ITES industry by increasing the quantity and quality of skills, awareness and perception of the country. The second component is e-government. This component will provide critical e-government technological foundations to support public sector modernization and the e-government agenda for the years ahead, and build the human capacity to leverage technology within government. The third component is project management support. This component will support the creation and functioning of the Project Coordination Unit (PCU), hire the required specialists, and support its operational needs

Medical Transcript Job is very sophisticated job because it deals with human life. So we can’t compromise with quality and reliability. Only qualified operators are hired to this position. As per the rule No one can enter to the operation house unless authorized.  

Medical Transcription contact:

For more information about the license and other documents please contact to +1 (410) 513 9697. Please leave your voice message with brief information and phone number, we will get back to you.