Property Preservation Solution

Work order Processing Solution
We are a BPO specializing only on Property Preservation work order processing. We are working in this
field with field service companies for 5 years. We have experienced and client certified work order
processors that enables us to guarantee on our services. We have expert and experienced teams
processing both P&P and Seasonal work orders of some prominent companies.

Features of our processing services:
 Recognize the type of work orders.
 Download photos from your convenient source.
 We do photo labeling for before, action and after photos of the job done per work order
 We create and add bid according to the vendor's inspections and work order requirements.
 We do invoicing according to your price sheets. If you do not have the price sheets then we
follow the standard price sheets.
 We create and make reports.
 We add bids to over allowable conditions.
 We upload property inspection form if you prefer us to do so.
 We do maintenance work orders as per instructions on the work order
No matter how big the volume of work is, we ensure that your work orders are processed correctly and
submitted to your clients within a 24 hour turnaround time.